2016 Good Time Cup Standings:1.| Baker, Matt 12482.| Palmer, Matt 12333.| Reed, Glen 11994.| Toifel, Joe 10975.| Green, David 10656.| Claborn, Kevin 10487.| Hambarian, Adam 10268.| Sicre, Sergio 9489.| Martinez, Grant 86310.| Perozzi, Norm 81411.| Rocha, Camilo 73312.| Leone, Tony 72513.| Grunbaum, Brandon 71214.| DeBeauvieres, Guy 70315.| Lease, Sean 68716.| Foust, Rodney 57217.| Whitmore, Aaron 56918.| FairBairn, Sherman 56719.| Arzaga, Ryan 55320.| Arzaga, Mickey 53621.| Martinez, Victor 50022.| Arzaga, Rudy 48323.| Adam, Luke 45624.| Sicre, Adam 45025.| Segura, Art 43326.| Hambarian, Mike 42527.| Forrest, Nathan 41128.| Martin, Dean 40929.| Davis, Anderson 39030.| Marinez, David 38331.| Cochems, David 37632.| Roberts, Lowell 33633.| Meyer, Brian 32534.| Harabedian, Dick 31235.| Lorenz, Richard 30936.| Walker, Clay 28637.| Encinas, Alex 28238.| Crouch, David 23139.| Whieldon, Jason 22540.| Sorensen, Ashby 21941.| Cardwell, Blake 20642.| Barr, Cory 20043.| Chirko, Mike 20044.| O'Shell, Jon 20045.| Peterson, Phil 17546.| Eubanks, Bruce 15347.| Colletti, Jon 15048.| McCredie, BJ 15049.| Nolan, Brian 15050.| Porier, Dennis 13151.| Harding, Bob 12552.| Sologuren, Diego 10853.| Vidal, Noah 10654.| Good, Mike 7555.| Harris, Nick 7556.| Lovato, Nick 7557.| Scimia, Tony 7558.| Brugman, Blake 5059.| Coster, Berry 5060.| Schneider, Jason 5061.| Siris, Dave 5062.| Foreman, Michael 2563.| Tancredi, Steve 2564.| Chenowith, Eric 065.| Kammandel, Trey 0

Good Time
Golf Association

Having a good time since 1993

Next Tournament:
Sycuan Golf Resort

Sat / Sun, October 9-10, 2016

Welcome to the Good Time Golf Association

The Good Time Golf Association is a flighted, SCGA traveling golf Men's Club based in Orange County, California and surrounding areas. It is open to men of all ages and golf abilities who love golf, competition, winning prizes, and flat out having a Good Time!

The GTGA holds local golf tournaments, once a month on Saturdays and some 2 day travel events, at different courses around Southern California. The tournaments are flighted A, B, and C flight based on your GHIN Handicap Index. GTGA Members compete for 1st and 2nd place Gross and Net, Long Drive and Closest to the Pin contests, Low Putter awards, and a Skins Games. We have annual Match Play events, a Club Championship, and a Cup Point System!

So whether you play often, or you go to war on the weekends, why not have a good time competing against your buddies for prizes? Join the GTGA Tour today and thanks for visiting the Good Time Golf Association!

Next Event:
Saturday-Sunday, October 8-9, 2016

Sycuan Golf Resort, El Cajon, CA 92019

The October GTGA Tournament is our third major of the year! A two day tournament played at the beautiful Sycuan Golf Resort. Double Cup points!

3007 Dehesa Rd, El Cajon, CA 92019 sycuanresort.com

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