MATCH PLAY 2020 #2 8/20 - 2/21

The GTGA Match Play takes place progressively over 7 months during our regular events with make up matches. There is a $20 buy in, Winner Takes All! Top 4 places receive cup points. The field is limited to the firs players that sign up so be sure to click the link below and sign up right away.



Match Play: Match Play is a format of play that is scored in a hole-by-hole competition. The side that holes its ball in less strokes than its opponent wins that particular hole. In a handicap competition, the side with the lowest net score wins the hole.

Net Score: Your net score on a hole is your score minus your handicap. For example; if you are a 10 handicap you get an extra shot on the 10 hardest handicapped holes on the scorecard.

Winning: The side who has won the most holes wins the match. When a side is winning by more holes than there are holes remaining, the match is won. A match can be won before all 18 holes are played. For example, if you win the first 10 holes, you’ve won the match because there are only 8 holes left to play.

NO CONCEDING HOLES: Play everything out in accordance to our tournament rules. You're still in our regular tournament. No, “gimmies” or hole conceding. Hole every ball out!

Scoring: Keep Match Play score on card and turn in after the round with 2 signatures.

Ties: Ties will be broken by a sudden death play-off starting on hole 10 then playing hole 11 then 12 and in that order until there is a winner. If playoff lasts 9 holes there will be a chip off to determine the winner.

Advancing: Winners will play their next match according to the tournament bracket at the next month's tournament.

Make Up Matches: Make up matches are permitted as long as both players agree, both players make a tee time (either at the same course or a different course of their choosing) and the match takes place prior to the next scheduled GTGA Event.

Match Play Finals: The Championship Match will take place between the last two competitors and our Consolation Match will take place for third and fourth place.

Awards: Each participant will receive 25 Cup Points for playing in the Match Play.

64 Players - $20 = $1280 Total Pot

Overall Match Play Champion:

1st Place = $600 - 250 Cup Points
2nd Place = $400 - 200 Cup Points
3rd Place = $200 - 150 Cup Points
4th Place = $80 - 100 Cup Points

Last match play results